About ERIS Technologies

About us

Founded in 2020 in Quebec City, Canada,  ERIS Technologies has the objective of assisting technology and scientific companies of Quebec and beyond to accomplish rapidly and efficiently their software development projects.


Targeting this specific sector enables us to focus on the development of the competences that correspond more at its needs, and to propose contracts aligned with its reality, either for the development of a new product or improvements to those already on market.



Guillaume Villeneuve graduated in Computer Engineering from Laval University, then obtenained a Master's degree specialized in computer vision in 2012.


Afterwards, he focused on the realization of non-destuctive testing software at Olympus NDT Canada for more than 5 years. Then, he has been a brief time a consultant for a major insurance company, before opting for various contracts as a freelancer. At the same time, he continues to train himself in the computer vision and artificial intelligence domains.

Guillaume Villeneuve, P. Eng., M. Sc.

Who is behind ERIS Technologies?

Tunnel water detection assistance sofware

  • Python/Qt GUI
  • Automatic detection with OpenCV Library
  • Web report consultation tool prototype (React/Express)


Embedded sofware for air traffic control systems

  • Touch sceen interface
  • Linux/Qt (QML, C++)/Python