Welcome to ERIS Technologies!

design and development of software for inspection and automation

Our mission: design and develop custom software for your needs



We can develop custom software solutions for your differrent needs, e.g.  prototypes, a research and development project or tools for testing or other uses.


Our per-project apprach can also assist you in a successful software development for your next product.

Target industries

 Non-destructive testing (NDT)  ·  Technical equipment manufacturers  · Transportation  ·  Aerospace  ·  Heavy industries

Our specialities

Conception and integration of solutions using computer vision.

Solutions using artificial intelligence for recognition purposes or predictive models.

Software solution for infrared thermography inspection.

About ERIS Technologies


Founded in 2020 in Quebec City, Canada,  ERIS Technologies has the objective of assisting technology and scientific companies of Quebec and beyond to accomplish rapidly and efficiently their software development projects.

Image: Wikimedia / ESO

Artist impression of Eris

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